Friday, October 30, 2009


Open Section

1st Rob Queree 11.0.12
2nd Luke Kilwin 1o.13.10
3rd Jason Touzel 9.8.3
4th Julien Wright 8.15.4

Best Lure

1st Gareth Gale 7.15.10 2nd Cyril Turner 7.9.10

Best Junior Marcus Humber 3.11.15

Team Luke Kilwin ,Jason Touzel 20.5.13

Now for the important ones

Best Visitor

1st,J.Hughes 5.8.5 ,2nd,Colin Patch 4.15.12 , 3rd Mike Hayes 4.15.1, 4th P.Seawood 4.10.10 ,
5th Robert taylor 4.3.1. very well done to you guys.

Well done to all that entered, its the effort you all put into the festival that makes the effort we put in worthwhile.Thankyou all.