Sunday, March 22, 2009

New club record Wrasse, boat caught.

A couple of our boat anglers went out today and tried for wrasse. It was ideal conditions, calm seas and a small tide. Bob Jameson had a lovely one of 5lb 8oz, and to be honest we all thought that would win him the wrasse trophy for this year. But ten minutes later Nelson Gouveia went and landed a cracking wrasse of 6lb 6oz 1dr, a new club record. The old club record had stood since 1990 and was held by Tony Vibert (6lb 2oz 12dr).

Here is Bob with his lovely 5lb 8oz.

And here is Nelson with a stonking wrasse of 6lb 6oz 1dr.

These big fish were not caught in the conventional way, the boys went out with spinning rods, small fixed spool reels and jelly worm style artificial baits. The fight from wrasse is emmence, they really are hard fighting fish so top marks to the lads for using this new and very sporting method.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nice Bass for Liam

Club member Liam Harrison had a nice 6lb bass on saturday. Liam was suffering a bit of a hangover and thought a bit of fresh air would do him good, so he took his rod, reel and plugs for a walk. It didnt take him long to land this nice bass on a Megabass Zonk plug. The fish was a very healthy 6lb'er, thick-set and full of food. Well done Liam, and it is a bit of encouragement for us all that the season is upon us.