Monday, January 26, 2009

Beach Bass "Teach in"

Yesterday afternoon saw the second teach in for club members at Grouville bay. Steve Mullins organised it as his first one he did at the begining of january was so successfull. 27 members and future members gathered at Gorey slipway at half past one, and all headed down the beach.

Steve gathered everyone around and explained the basics of digging worms, how to dig a drainage trench first to keep your digging area drier and to help stop your trench from filling with water.

It didn't take long and everyone started to find the worms. I was quite surprised that they lug were not very deep as sometimes in the winter they can be alot deeper than they were yesterday.

Before long everyone had more than enough bait to fish for a few hours, it really doesn't take long to get enough, a big mistake people make is getting stuck into it and digging far too much to be safe than sorry, we are all culprits of that I think. But with plenty of worms each we headed back up the beach.

On the way up the beach Mr Fish showed the guys how to make a crab trap for collecting hard back crabs in the summer for wrasse and smoothies. It is simply a pile of rocks with a gap underneath for the crabs to take shelter in.

Steve then went on to explain how to fish beaches and what features to look out for. Explaining how to fish flat beaches, that look featureless, but are not if you look closely. Dips and shelves in the beach help, and any sand bars or gullies and how the fish swim along them was all explained.

He then went back to his van and ran through all the rigs he uses and why. He explained what type of rod to use for beach bassing and and types of tackle you need like tripods and spikes.

We then all headed off to behind the golf coarse and set up our gear. There was a bit of weed on the beach when we first got there but it soon cleared.

After a while a few of us started to get some bites and we even managed a few small bass, not bad for January I suppose and it is great to see the juvenile bass thrieving on our beaches.

It was great to see our youngest angler there catch his first ever bass. Young William King (9yrs old) had his first bass and just goes to prove that any age angler can enjoy his hobby.

A big thank you to Steve for a great afternoon.

The club will be doing more events like this, we are trying to make Sinkers more pro-active with meets and teach ins. Simon Drieu came up with a great idea of having a rig tying class for members that are interested how to tie their rigs. We can all learn from each other here, it is a great idea from the rig master himself Mr Drieu. We will let you know when this is happening.

Mick Ward will be doing a plug/lure teach in in the spring so you will be kept informed about that too.

Don't forget if you have photos or questions/ideas please email the club with them on

Monday, January 19, 2009


Hi folks just a reminder that the dinner is on 7th feb at the shakespere hotel,meet
7.30pm. The cost is £25 per head,if you want to sleep its an extra £20 per head.
early payment will make steves night a lot easier.You can either post your payment to the treasurer or drop it into Mr Fish.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

beach dig & bass

there will be another beach bait digging & bass fishing teach in on sunday 25th of jan, we will meet Gorey village slip 1.30pm ,bait dig for an hour or so, a brief chat on beaches & tides etc then off to do some fishing.

junior winners

Just had a report on the junior presentation from Denise Gill who looks after that section.
in all 14 people attended at Jersey bowl.the afternoon included dinner,presentation & bowling,all junior costs were met by the club.
scores. shore section.winner= T Thompson 193pts, C McMurray 187pts,
P Thompson 112pts,D Thompson 79pts,J McGinney 72pts,S le Suer 71,J Dowinton 34pts,
J Lawrence 26pts.

boat section.winner= C McMurray 461pts, J Dowinton 55pts, S le Suer 13pts.
well done to all juniors & a big thankyou to Denise & Ronnie Turner for making it a great day.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sinkers members do well at Dogfish bash

On tuesday night a dogfish bash was held at St Catherines breakwater, it was just a friendly match to get out the house and wet a line. Quite a few Sinkers members turned up, in all there were 22 anglers there. The fishing was hard work, very cold and the doggies didnt seem to like the cold weather at all.

Steve Mullins won the match, landing 6 dogs and about a million pouting!!

Chris Steel had a cracking double hook-up on a two hook patternoster, he landed two club weighers in one hit. A pollack of 3lb 2oz and a pouting of 1lb 6oz, fair play Chris!

Looks like there will be a "pout rout" in a couple of weeks time, dates will be posted on here.

If any club members reading this have an email address could you email the new club email address and it will make Elaines job alot easier for sending out information and news letters. Also send any photos you take to the email address too.

Friday, January 9, 2009

hi folks, just in the process of setting all this up so you may find info a bit slow or jumbled to start with, but i'm sure we'll get there.once its all up & running be great if anyone reading this could spread the word,not everyone has computer access. Those attending the club dinner will be asked for there e mail address so as we can send you news letters via the net. News on forthcoming events will be posted in the next few days. treasurer.

1st bass

Gerard Ball with his 1st ever Bass caught off the beach at a recent sinkers teach in.