Friday, October 30, 2009


Open Section

1st Rob Queree 11.0.12
2nd Luke Kilwin 1o.13.10
3rd Jason Touzel 9.8.3
4th Julien Wright 8.15.4

Best Lure

1st Gareth Gale 7.15.10 2nd Cyril Turner 7.9.10

Best Junior Marcus Humber 3.11.15

Team Luke Kilwin ,Jason Touzel 20.5.13

Now for the important ones

Best Visitor

1st,J.Hughes 5.8.5 ,2nd,Colin Patch 4.15.12 , 3rd Mike Hayes 4.15.1, 4th P.Seawood 4.10.10 ,
5th Robert taylor 4.3.1. very well done to you guys.

Well done to all that entered, its the effort you all put into the festival that makes the effort we put in worthwhile.Thankyou all.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


It was nearly a clean sweep of the top prizes for sinkers members in this years comp,
only those in brackets are non sinkers.

The winners

Best overall angler Robbin Lowe

Best Jersey angler Ronnie Turner

Best lady angler Denise Gill

2 man team Wayne Cassin, Robin Lowe

4 man team Leigh Mullins, Wayne Cassin, Robin Lowe, Steve Mullins

Bass Jason Touzel 9.2.2
(Tony Gavey) 8.15.8
Andrew Garnier 8.5.10
Robin Lowe 5.14.10
Steve Mullins 5.3,10

Conger (Tony Gavey) 22.4
Tony Senior 21.8
Barrie Aubert 17.4
Robin Lowe 15.14

Thick lip Mullet Wayne Cassin 5.6.0
Denise Gill 5.2.6
Robin Lowe 4.8.6
(Frank Picket) 4.4.3
Kevin Nichol 4.1.8

Golden grey Mullet Wayne Cassin 2.2.8
Daniel Ferguson 1.15.6
Ronnie Turner 1.13.14
(Frank Picket) 1.11.10
Peter Roper 1.9.2 caught on artificial

Ballan Wrasse Peter Richardson 6.0.10 overseas sinkers member
(Paulo Alves) 5.9.14
(Tony Gavey) 5.4.12
Simon Gavey 5.1.6

Best other Ronnie Turner Common eel 3.5.6
Simon Gavey Trigger 2.9.8
(Colin le Monnier) Trigger 2.6.12
Leigh Mullins Trigger 2.5.5
Jack Gavey Trigger 2.2.12

Best Garfish Daniel Ferguson 1.1.0

Only 7 names in the table that are not sinkers members,something all sinkers members
should be very proud of.We also had the runner up lady Ann Thompson & from the same family young Torfinn Thompson was runner up Junior,well done to them both.
One name that appears in brackets on 3 occasions & was very unlucky not to get an overall prize is top local angler Tony Gavey.

Well done again to all the members who took part,even if not in the prizes your effort was to be admired,& all those who could not take part you are in a club to be proud of.


Congratulations to Gareth Gale(Gaz) & Liam Harrison who won 1st & 2nd places in the best visitor section of the Guernsey Bass festival,also coming runners up in the pairs.A fantastic achievement considering it was there first fishing trip over there.
Both fish were over 7Lb & caught on lures.

Thursday, July 2, 2009



A few pics from club members Tim Coughlan & Steve Mullins.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Well done to all the guys who braved the rubbish weather.A brief talk was given on tactics,tackle,where & when etc,then it was off to put theory into practice.Bad weather meant we could not fish the planned venue, so it was decided to stay at the harbour & try for golden greys.The fishing was difficult but 2 were caught,special mention going to young Harry Robertson catching his first mullet.Acouple of small white bream also showed up.

Monday, June 1, 2009

St Catherines Junior Fishing Competition

It was the second year of the new St Catherines Junior Fishing Competition yeasterday. The competition was re born last year after dwindling away in recent years. Many of us as kids used to fish the comp and when our kids were young they also fished it. This year we attracted 50 kids, which isnt bad really but we are hoping for more each year.

So in glorious sunshine the kids started turning up at 10 oclock, the conditions were perfect really.

The horn went at 10 and the fishing started. It didnt take long and a few wrasse, doggies and pollack were coming over the wall. It was great to see so many youngsters enjoying themselves, they really do try hard and it just goes to show that they do like to do some proper passtimes and not just play computer games etc.

Young Cameron Pirouet (10 yrs) had a good day, he managed a double hit of Dogfish on a 2 hook patternoster, they gave him quite a scrap! This double hit won Cameron the best over all angler shield too.

The girls had a few fish too, in the juniors last years winner Megan McDonaga won for her second year running, this year with a 6oz wrasse, well done Megan.

12 yr old Kelsie Aird also had a 6oz wrasse and that won her the senior girls shield.

The team winner were the "Dirty Dogs" Cameron Pirotet (10), Liam Nicolas (15), Lee Prior (15) & Megan McDonaga (7). Welldone to them, there gross weight was 6lb 14oz.

The best fish of the day, which is decided by the committee was Kai Bonnar with his 2lb 6oz wrasse.

The Junior Boys trophy was won by Cameron Pirouet with his three dogfish that had a total weight of 4lb 4oz, not bad at all on a blazing hot summers day. A nice hand full of trophies, medals and prizes for young Pirouet there.

The senior boys throphy went to Ashton Breen Faudemer (12) with a lovely wrasse of 2lb 4oz. Ashton fished really well and I was surprised he didnt catch more, he really did try hard.

Here are the winners with their trophies, well done to all of you and to all that entered, if it wasnt for you youngsters their wouldnt be a competition. I must add that all the children were on best behaivior and were really great, no mess, no fighting or agruing, you all were fantastic and true anglers that just love to fish and enjoy our beautiful shoreline. Get your friends involved next year, lets make this a big event like it was years ago, I think the most ever was back when I was a kid and there was about 200 of us fishing it.

Next year we are having better sponsors from tackle companies and there will also be soft drinks and refreshments handed out.

I would lastly like to thank Mick and Doug Ward from Mr Fish Tackle Shop for donating the prizes and goodie bags, Steve Mullins and Simon Drieu for organising the event, Jack and Tony Gavey for the continued support in every year of this competitions life, Nigel Dolimore, Derek Kane, Martin Cardy, Bob Jameson, Double Dutch & Fish Le Riche who are all just anglers that always give up their days just to helpout at events such as these, true gentlemen all of you. Anyone I have forgotten to mention I do appologise.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Pics

Liam Harrison with the leading lure caught bass from the shore.
It weighed in at 8Lb 14oz & gave Liam a bit of a run around before landing.

Phil with the first of 2 top smoothies a starry of 14Lb 6oz

Phil Cornic with a huge 14Lb 11oz common smoothy(sorry about pic)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Big Conger

Leigh Mullins with the biggest Conger of the year so far.It weighed in at 42Lb & was caught on mackerel fillet.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

conger festival 09

Very difficult this year,the swell knocked out most of the south coast & a fair bit of the north,hence catches were down.But on a brighter note the rain stayed off & two people managed eels over the 15 Lb qualifying (pics & weights below).
Thanx to all those who entered your the ones who keep us running these comps,also the Gavey family,sponsors Morning watch,st Ouens motors,JFS & Mr Fish.
This was the 30th year of the festival which makes it the longest running open competition still running in the island,& as a club we pledge to keep it running for the next 30 & beyond.

winner C le Monnier with an eel of 17.14 Lb

Runner up & previous winner M Andre, eel 17.6Lb

The champion with the prestigious G Gavey conger trophy

conger festival 09

Sunset at a mark near Swonc

conger 09

ever smiling Danny

conger festival 09

a happy hooker

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Phillip Cornic with the winning Bream of just over 2Lb taken in this weekends bream comp.Phillip wins a £25 tackle voucher.

Barrie Aubert with a nice 11Lb 8oz undulate ray.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Elaines baby

sinkers are pleased to congratulate club secretary Elaine & her husband Werner on the
birth of there son Ethan,he weighed in at an impressive 7Lb 14oz!

waynes undulate

A nice double figure undulate from st caths for sinkers weighmaster Wayne Cassin.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Looks like the rays have started moving at st Caths,this 15.1Lb blonde ray by Mark le Huquet was the winner in our weekend ray comp.Mark also had a 5Lb small eyed
during the week.well done Mark.
Undulate rays have also been caught with one st caths regular getting 2 in one session.I have had reports of about 10 others,sadly not by club members.
Also there seems to be plenty of Bream comming up on the back wall,but quality fish are few & far between, they mostly seem to be in the 1Lb to 1.8Lb size with the odd fish over 2Lb.
So come on people get out there its all starting to happen.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

New club record Wrasse, boat caught.

A couple of our boat anglers went out today and tried for wrasse. It was ideal conditions, calm seas and a small tide. Bob Jameson had a lovely one of 5lb 8oz, and to be honest we all thought that would win him the wrasse trophy for this year. But ten minutes later Nelson Gouveia went and landed a cracking wrasse of 6lb 6oz 1dr, a new club record. The old club record had stood since 1990 and was held by Tony Vibert (6lb 2oz 12dr).

Here is Bob with his lovely 5lb 8oz.

And here is Nelson with a stonking wrasse of 6lb 6oz 1dr.

These big fish were not caught in the conventional way, the boys went out with spinning rods, small fixed spool reels and jelly worm style artificial baits. The fight from wrasse is emmence, they really are hard fighting fish so top marks to the lads for using this new and very sporting method.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nice Bass for Liam

Club member Liam Harrison had a nice 6lb bass on saturday. Liam was suffering a bit of a hangover and thought a bit of fresh air would do him good, so he took his rod, reel and plugs for a walk. It didnt take him long to land this nice bass on a Megabass Zonk plug. The fish was a very healthy 6lb'er, thick-set and full of food. Well done Liam, and it is a bit of encouragement for us all that the season is upon us.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


A big thank you to Simon Drieu & all the people who turned up.
The morning started with a look at the different types of rods & reels used,from
light mullet rods up to heavy conger rods,fairly ancient up to modern day was on display.Then it was onto rigs from your basic running ledger up to long distance rigs incorporating impact shields,imps,cascade swivels,srt springs & powergum.Hooks,
line & lead use was covered in some detail.The importance of a shockleader & good knots was told, a tying demonstration of a variety of knots followed culminating in a rig being made.Next bait presentation,how to use a baiting needle to load your hooks with worms,baiting with squid,sandeel,mackerel & using elasticated cotton were
all covered.
After Simon had finished Steve Mullins took over giving an admiralty chart guide around the island.This covered tidal flows,why fish move into certain areas,safety when on the rocks or in the gullies.The tour started in st Ouens & went north,east,
south,west around the island,he showed what fish its possible to catch from each part of the island & weather it was best to fish night or day.Areas for Bass,Congers,
Mullet,Red mullet,Rays,Sole,Smooth hounds,Bream & Wrasse.A lot of good marks were told by Steve or freely given by other club members.Lets hope we can put it all to good use & catch some better fish.

The treasurer.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Ever wondered what a loop rig,pulley rig,one up one down,sliding wishbone or a wessex
rig is?
Do you get wound up when you're bait flys off the hook when you cast?
Are impact shields,imps,cascade swivels,srt springs & power gum all double dutch to you?
Advice on rods,reels,rig tying,bait presentation,lead making,hooks,line, shock leaders,knots,how to rig your bait & tackle to catch more fish.

hosted by our tackle tart Simon Drieu,with help from S.M. & others.

MEET AT GLENCOE 10.30am SUNDAY 22nd FEB. non members welcome.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sinkers 29th Annual Meal

Last night saw the clubs 29th annual meal/prize giving held at the Shakespeare Hotel. The meal was stunning as ever and the service second to none, a big thank you was given to Marcus Troy and his staff for a great evening.

With all the trophies laid out the awards were read out by Mark Gallichan, who as ever adds his wit and twists and everyone gets a mention.

2008 was a good year for the club, we had our best turn out for the bass festival ever and our membership is growing and growing. It was also a good year fishing wise, with club records, Jersey records and CI records being broken by club members.
There were two new trophies this year, lure caught bass from boat and shore. Bob Jameson won the boat one with a lovely bass of 9lb 8oz.

Richard Le Blond won the shore one with another fine bass of 9lb 7oz caught on a surface plug.

Here are some more members recieving their awards, starting off with Graham Le Gresley, who since his release from prison has become an outstanding angler for his age, he is in his early 90's now (he worked as a prison warden for decades by the way!)

Daniel Ferguson with more trophies than hair on his chest, well done young man, you are becoming a very good angler.

Ladies champion Ann Thompson, well done Ann, watch out though as we have more and more female members joining all the time, the preasure is on for next year.

Artur our favourite Polish angler recieves his throphy for best conger (just before the alcohol kicks in!!)

The boy Mullins makes his dad proud again, reciving his trophies from Danny Le Merrer

And finally this years club champion is Jason Touzel, who had an awesome years fishing with some stunning fish including specimen Blond Ray, Cod, Red Mullet and Sole. Jason is testemony that if you put the hours in that there are some amazing fish to be caught around our shores, that or the fact he has recently become a father and feels the need to be out the house more, joking of course Jason, well done mate.

Finally I must thank Simon Drieu for auctioning off the sample polo shirts and a rugby shirt at the meal, he managed to raise £135 for club funds, and a big thank you to all the members that joined in the fun and bidded for the clothing. £35 for a polo shirt!! Bet you regret it this morning!! Good sports the lot of you, we have a good club and good members.
We all did get a little drunk and althougth it was just high spirits we did get a bit crazy towards the end, with Arthur getting a free taxi home via the hospital with a little too much alcohol flowing through his veins. I do hope sicerley that he is ok and I hope we did not spoil our great relationship we have with Marcus and the Shakespeare, I do think we need to tame it a little next year and keep Arthur under control. I appologise now for anyone that was shocked by the ammount of drinking that was done. I think this picture of Arthur kind of says it all, let this be a warning to all you younger members, alcohol should be consumed sensibly and enjoyed.