Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Club Meal 2012

Hi All, The Club meal will be on Saturday 3rd March at the Shakespeare Hotel. More news on this coming up soon.

And hoping to organise a competition down St Catherines Pier towards the New Year.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Open Section

1st Rob Queree 11.0.12
2nd Luke Kilwin 1o.13.10
3rd Jason Touzel 9.8.3
4th Julien Wright 8.15.4

Best Lure

1st Gareth Gale 7.15.10 2nd Cyril Turner 7.9.10

Best Junior Marcus Humber 3.11.15

Team Luke Kilwin ,Jason Touzel 20.5.13

Now for the important ones

Best Visitor

1st,J.Hughes 5.8.5 ,2nd,Colin Patch 4.15.12 , 3rd Mike Hayes 4.15.1, 4th P.Seawood 4.10.10 ,
5th Robert taylor 4.3.1. very well done to you guys.

Well done to all that entered, its the effort you all put into the festival that makes the effort we put in worthwhile.Thankyou all.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


It was nearly a clean sweep of the top prizes for sinkers members in this years comp,
only those in brackets are non sinkers.

The winners

Best overall angler Robbin Lowe

Best Jersey angler Ronnie Turner

Best lady angler Denise Gill

2 man team Wayne Cassin, Robin Lowe

4 man team Leigh Mullins, Wayne Cassin, Robin Lowe, Steve Mullins

Bass Jason Touzel 9.2.2
(Tony Gavey) 8.15.8
Andrew Garnier 8.5.10
Robin Lowe 5.14.10
Steve Mullins 5.3,10

Conger (Tony Gavey) 22.4
Tony Senior 21.8
Barrie Aubert 17.4
Robin Lowe 15.14

Thick lip Mullet Wayne Cassin 5.6.0
Denise Gill 5.2.6
Robin Lowe 4.8.6
(Frank Picket) 4.4.3
Kevin Nichol 4.1.8

Golden grey Mullet Wayne Cassin 2.2.8
Daniel Ferguson 1.15.6
Ronnie Turner 1.13.14
(Frank Picket) 1.11.10
Peter Roper 1.9.2 caught on artificial

Ballan Wrasse Peter Richardson 6.0.10 overseas sinkers member
(Paulo Alves) 5.9.14
(Tony Gavey) 5.4.12
Simon Gavey 5.1.6

Best other Ronnie Turner Common eel 3.5.6
Simon Gavey Trigger 2.9.8
(Colin le Monnier) Trigger 2.6.12
Leigh Mullins Trigger 2.5.5
Jack Gavey Trigger 2.2.12

Best Garfish Daniel Ferguson 1.1.0

Only 7 names in the table that are not sinkers members,something all sinkers members
should be very proud of.We also had the runner up lady Ann Thompson & from the same family young Torfinn Thompson was runner up Junior,well done to them both.
One name that appears in brackets on 3 occasions & was very unlucky not to get an overall prize is top local angler Tony Gavey.

Well done again to all the members who took part,even if not in the prizes your effort was to be admired,& all those who could not take part you are in a club to be proud of.


Congratulations to Gareth Gale(Gaz) & Liam Harrison who won 1st & 2nd places in the best visitor section of the Guernsey Bass festival,also coming runners up in the pairs.A fantastic achievement considering it was there first fishing trip over there.
Both fish were over 7Lb & caught on lures.

Thursday, July 2, 2009



A few pics from club members Tim Coughlan & Steve Mullins.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Well done to all the guys who braved the rubbish weather.A brief talk was given on tactics,tackle,where & when etc,then it was off to put theory into practice.Bad weather meant we could not fish the planned venue, so it was decided to stay at the harbour & try for golden greys.The fishing was difficult but 2 were caught,special mention going to young Harry Robertson catching his first mullet.Acouple of small white bream also showed up.