Sunday, June 7, 2009


Well done to all the guys who braved the rubbish weather.A brief talk was given on tactics,tackle,where & when etc,then it was off to put theory into practice.Bad weather meant we could not fish the planned venue, so it was decided to stay at the harbour & try for golden greys.The fishing was difficult but 2 were caught,special mention going to young Harry Robertson catching his first mullet.Acouple of small white bream also showed up.

Monday, June 1, 2009

St Catherines Junior Fishing Competition

It was the second year of the new St Catherines Junior Fishing Competition yeasterday. The competition was re born last year after dwindling away in recent years. Many of us as kids used to fish the comp and when our kids were young they also fished it. This year we attracted 50 kids, which isnt bad really but we are hoping for more each year.

So in glorious sunshine the kids started turning up at 10 oclock, the conditions were perfect really.

The horn went at 10 and the fishing started. It didnt take long and a few wrasse, doggies and pollack were coming over the wall. It was great to see so many youngsters enjoying themselves, they really do try hard and it just goes to show that they do like to do some proper passtimes and not just play computer games etc.

Young Cameron Pirouet (10 yrs) had a good day, he managed a double hit of Dogfish on a 2 hook patternoster, they gave him quite a scrap! This double hit won Cameron the best over all angler shield too.

The girls had a few fish too, in the juniors last years winner Megan McDonaga won for her second year running, this year with a 6oz wrasse, well done Megan.

12 yr old Kelsie Aird also had a 6oz wrasse and that won her the senior girls shield.

The team winner were the "Dirty Dogs" Cameron Pirotet (10), Liam Nicolas (15), Lee Prior (15) & Megan McDonaga (7). Welldone to them, there gross weight was 6lb 14oz.

The best fish of the day, which is decided by the committee was Kai Bonnar with his 2lb 6oz wrasse.

The Junior Boys trophy was won by Cameron Pirouet with his three dogfish that had a total weight of 4lb 4oz, not bad at all on a blazing hot summers day. A nice hand full of trophies, medals and prizes for young Pirouet there.

The senior boys throphy went to Ashton Breen Faudemer (12) with a lovely wrasse of 2lb 4oz. Ashton fished really well and I was surprised he didnt catch more, he really did try hard.

Here are the winners with their trophies, well done to all of you and to all that entered, if it wasnt for you youngsters their wouldnt be a competition. I must add that all the children were on best behaivior and were really great, no mess, no fighting or agruing, you all were fantastic and true anglers that just love to fish and enjoy our beautiful shoreline. Get your friends involved next year, lets make this a big event like it was years ago, I think the most ever was back when I was a kid and there was about 200 of us fishing it.

Next year we are having better sponsors from tackle companies and there will also be soft drinks and refreshments handed out.

I would lastly like to thank Mick and Doug Ward from Mr Fish Tackle Shop for donating the prizes and goodie bags, Steve Mullins and Simon Drieu for organising the event, Jack and Tony Gavey for the continued support in every year of this competitions life, Nigel Dolimore, Derek Kane, Martin Cardy, Bob Jameson, Double Dutch & Fish Le Riche who are all just anglers that always give up their days just to helpout at events such as these, true gentlemen all of you. Anyone I have forgotten to mention I do appologise.